Zoom Magic

As Seen On Britain’s Got Talent

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little magic!

For the first time ever, international hip-hop magician, Magical Bones is offering slots to his brand-new online magic show- Zoom Magic.

The title says it all: Zoom Magic is a 25 minute show where Bones will blow your mind with his incredible close-up magic tricks using the interactive video conferencing site, Zoom.

And the best bits are:

– You and your family get to enjoy this show from the comfort of your own sofa, or anywhere in the world

– This show is interactive, so unlike YouTube clips where you just passively watch, you’ll actually get to take part in the magic

– You pay whatever you want after the show- Yes, that’s right! You decide how much you want to pay.

Magical Bones is considered to be one of the most explosive talents to have emerged from the magic industry. Bones uniqueness resides in his ability to effortlessly combine intricate sleight of hand with hip-hop culture and lifestyle. Bones regularly tours the globe with his unique brand of magic and has made numerous appearances on TV programmes including Sky News, CNN, ITV, and was chosen to be the closing act of the prestigious BBC1 Bafta Awards

Magical Bones recently appeared on the national talent show, Britain’s Got Talent, where he wowed audiences with a powerful performance that earned him four yeses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I book a slot?

Choose the day and time you’d like to have your show from the calendar. Once you’ve booked, we will send you a confirmation email with instructions on how to login into your show. Put the date in your diary and that’s it!

NB: If a group of you are booking, make sure each of you register. If you’re not on list, you won’t get in.

What will I need for the Zoom Magic Show?

You’ll need:

To download Zoom on your laptop, tablet or smartphone (laptop or tablet is ideal)
A good internet connection
Access to an email account for the Zoom invite link

Is this a children’s magic show?

This show is mainly aimed at adults and not really for young children, although, families with older kids (12+) can also enjoy the show.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. If they’re not, they won’t be able to watch the show.

So can we really pay anything we want?

Yes that’s right, there is no catch. After the show Bones will send a payment link to your email, and then you get to choose what you think is appropriate.

If you’re wondering what others have paid, it varies widely. So far, people have paid everything from £40 to £300.

We might be on lockdown for my birthday? Could my friends and I come to the show?

Yes, of course! You and up to 9 guests can book the same time slot and party altogether, no matter where you are. So whether it’s your birthday, bar mitzvah, anniversary or you’re just looking for a different way to connect with your friends whilst your social distancing, this is the place.

If you’d like a show for your team, clients or business (10 people or more in a Zoom room) there are set prices in place so please email info@magicalbones.com for more information.

Book your slot now!